At this age of internet, your website is the most important customer touch point and you can’t afford to miss the first impression. Your website must be professional and should match your company’s business profile. Web designing is not about putting some content and picture with some animation and we at Linkpedia Infotech start from that philosophy only.

When we take responsibility of designing your website, we start considering from your existing brand, logo, business objectives, target audience and most importantly user friendliness. Your client should easily find what they are looking for. The critical and customized application integrations come next.

We design sites with a creative eye which anyone would appreciate but technical details will also be taken care of with minute details. Website development is a different ball game, it deals with more technical implications, and application development, validation, 3rd party tool integration and professional service merging. We start from scratch for your unique needs or modify your existing portal as per your changed goals and requirements.

Linkpedia Infotech is an organisation that specialises on web-based work. Most of the companies these days leverage the web for the business opportunities. It is the most remarkable platform where you can showcase all your services at one place. We ensure that there is value-addition in the web-page of our clients. This provides a major boost to the business objectives and goals of a particular firm.

There have been thousands of websites in the world today where customers come to understand the line of business. Our ultimate selling point is to provide attractive medium to all your customers so that they get addicted to your website and understand their needs and opportunities that are available.

Our Services
  • Static Web Designing
  • Dynamic Web Designing
  • E-commerce web Design
  • Portal Development